Task Force

Counseling and Psychological Services, the Dean of Students, the Office for Women, Student Health, the Office of Equal Opportunity and IU Police have partnered to create a campus wide coalition to initiate and coordinate efforts to address sexual assault and intimate partner violence on campus.  The task force provides a forum for planning and coordinating primary prevention education for students, faculty and staff; policies and procedures for student conduct; articulation of victims’ rights; coordination of message and dissemination of information; and training for faculty and staff.  It has broad representation from stakeholders across campus and the community. For a current list of membership, click here.

In 2013, CAPS and OFW obtained a grant from the Indiana Campus Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Project, with funding to develop a primary prevention social media campaign on campus. The social media campaign was launched in Fall 2013.

What to Do

Respect: If someone tells you they have been sexually assaulted…believe them. Listen without judgment. Ask how you can help. 

Respond: If you see something, do something! Trust your instincts. Take the potential victim and yourself to safety.

Refer: Provide resources to the victim of the assault.
Eskenazi Center of  Hope: 317-880-8006, mobile Forensic Nurse: 317-880-9189
IU Health - Methodist: 317-962-0263; mobile Forensic Nurse: 317-963-3394
Campus Health Services: Coleman Hall, 317-274-8214 

For Students: Assistant Director of Sexual Assault Education and Prevention, Confidential Advocate, Campus Center 370, 317-274-2503
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): Walker Plaza 220, 317-274-2548
Dean of Students: Campus Center 270, 317-274-4431

For Faculty and Staff: Employee Assistance Program: 888-234-8327

Report: Assaults involving the IUPUI community should be reported to:
IU Police: 317-274-7911
Office of Equal Opportunity: Lockefield Building, #1164, 980 Indiana Avenue, 317-274-2306
OEO Hotline: 1-866-245-1310

IUPUI Safewalk Program

To request a Safewalk escort call 317-274-7233(SAFE) - available 24/7