Counseling and Psychological Services, the Dean of Students, the Office for Women, Student Health, the Office of Equal Opportunity and IU Police have partnered to create a campus wide coalition to initiate and coordinate efforts to address sexual assault and intimate partner violence on campus.  The task force provides a forum for planning and coordinating primary prevention education for students, faculty and staff; policies and procedures for student conduct; articulation of victims’ rights; coordination of message and dissemination of information; and training for faculty and staff.  It has broad representation from stakeholders across campus and the community. For a current list of membership, click here.

In 2013, CAPS and OFW obtained a grant from the Indiana Campus Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Project, with funding to develop a primary prevention social media campaign on campus. The social media campaign was launched in Fall 2013.

If someone tells you they have been sexually assaulted…believe them. Listen without judgment. Ask how you can help. 

If you see something, do something! Trust your instincts. Take the potential victim and yourself to safety.

Provide resources to the victim of the assault.
Eskenazi Center of  Hope: 317-880-8006, mobile Forensic Nurse: 317-880-9189
IU Health - Methodist: 317-962-0263; mobile Forensic Nurse: 317-963-3394
Campus Health Services: Coleman Hall, 317-274-8214 

For Students:

Assistant Director of Sexual Assault Education and Prevention, Confidential Advocate, Campus Center 370, 317-274-2503
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): Walker Plaza 220, 317-274-2548
Dean of Students: Campus Center 270, 317-274-4431

For Faculty and Staff

Employee Assistance Program: 888-234-8327

Assaults involving the IUPUI community should be reported to:
IU Police: 317-274-7911
Office of Equal Opportunity: Lockefield Building, #1164, 980 Indiana Avenue, 317-274-2306
OEO Hotline: 1-866-245-1310

IUPUI Safewalk Program
To request a Safewalk escort call 317-274-7233(SAFE) - available 24/7

Community Resources
The Domestic Violence Network of Greater Indianapolis : 317-926-4357
The Julian Center : Domestic Violence Shelter 317-920-9320
Indiana Coalition against Domestic Violence : 1-800-332-7385
Stalking Resource Center
Eskenazi Health Centers of Hope
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
National Sexual Violence Resource Center