If you see something, do something!

  • Trust your instincts
  • Take the potential victim and yourself to safety
  • Listen to the individual
  • Advise the individual of options regarding further steps

Options may include:

  • Contacting the Centers of Hope (317-880-8006 or 317-880-9189)
  • Contacting the Campus Police (317‐274‐7911)
  • Going to an emergency room or Student Health Center (317‐274‐8214)
  • Contacting CAPS ( Counseling and Psychological Services)(317‐274‐2548)
  • Informing the Dean of Students (317‐274‐4431)
  • Calling family or friends
  • Contacting legal services

Survivors have options and the right to choose.

It is not helpful to:

  • Blame the victim
  • Question the individual or ask “Why?”
  • Tell the person what they should do